File Explorer

Press Windows + E to open File Explorer. Use the Arrow keys to move around your files and folders and press Enter to open them. If you open a folder and then want to go back, press the Backspace key … Read More

Taking a Screenshot

There is a specific key on the keyboard called the Print Screen key, usually shortened to Prt Scr. When the Print Screen key is pressed, nothing seems to have happened! But a screenshot is taken and placed on the “clipboard”, … Read More

The Window Menu

Press Alt + Spacebar to get the Window Menu which has options for Maximize, Minimise, Move, Size, Restore and Close. Use the Up and Down Arrow keys to move between the options and Enter to choose. When moving or resizing, … Read More

Maximize an Application

Maximizing an application makes it fill the entire screen. Focus on the application using the Alt + Tab shortcut, then press Windows + Up Arrow to make the application fill the screen, making it easier to focus on one task … Read More

Accessing the Taskbar

You can access open applications by heading to the Taskbar. Press Windows + T to go to the Taskbar. Use the Left and Right Arrow keys to move between applications and press Enter to switch to the one you want. You can … Read More

Shutting Down

Focusing on the Desktop can give you an easy way to shut down: Press Windows + D, then Alt + F4. Then press Enter to shut down, or use the up and down arrows to choose another option, like Restart or … Read More

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