Get Googling!

To open Google Chrome, press the Windows key, type the letters C then H, and press Enter. Or you can go to the desktop with Windows + D, then press G until you get to Google Chrome, and press Enter. … Read More

Shut Down

We all have at least one day off over Christmas, it’s time to stop and rest. So, press Alt + Tab to switch between your open applications. Press Alt + F4 to close each one. Then choose your preferred way … Read More

Windows Cortana

Cortana is the Windows equivalent of iPhone Siri or the Amazon Alexa type service, and it is built into Windows 10. Cortana can be very useful. For example, you can ask Cortana to look up information, do simple calculations, or … Read More

Windows Dictation Tool

To use the Windows Dictation Tool, press Windows key + H. To stop dictation, say “Stop Dictation” or press Escape. I would always recommend using a headset when using speech recognition (especially if you also use a screen reader). The … Read More

Mouse Keys

Mouse keys lets you use the Number Pad on your keyboard to move the pointer around the screen and activate a mouse click. This is another shortcut that is activated with the Num Lock key, which is found on the … Read More

Filter Keys

Filter Keys is a feature that will ignore brief and repeated keystrokes that may be caused by slow or inaccurate finger movements. The sensitivity of the keyboard can be a problem, especially if you strike keys accidentally. Also, most keyboards allow … Read More

Toggle Keys

Toggle Keys is a feature that will play a sound when you activate Caps Lock, Num Lock or Scroll Lock. You can only activate this feature if you have a Num Lock key, which is found on the Number Pad. … Read More

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