Zoom In and Out

To make the text etc bigger on a Web page, press Control + Plus sign (+). To make it smaller, press Control + Minus Sign (-). To go back to the default size (100% zoom level), press Control + Zero … Read More

Stop and Refresh

If Google Chrome gets stuck when trying to load a Web page, press Escape to stop. To refresh/reload a Web page, press Control + R or F5. Reloading a Web page is also useful if you are checking for new … Read More

Going Home

There is a start page on Chrome which is the Google search page. This is also called your home page, and you can always go back to this page by pressing Alt + Home key. You can change what happens … Read More

Tribute to Larry Tesler

Larry Tesler passed away last week. He was the inventor of the cut, copy and paste shortcuts, as well as the Find and Replace shortcuts. A graduate of Stanford University, Larry specialised in human-computer interaction, employing his skills at Amazon, … Read More

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