Function Keys F4

The most common use of F4, certainly for us at Sharon’s Shortcuts, is Alt + F4 which will close any application completely. Control + F4 will close the current document in Microsoft Word or the current spreadsheet in Microsoft Excel or the current Tab … Read More

Function Keys F3

The F3 key is generally used to open the search function in many applications, including Windows Explorer and Microsoft Outlook. Press Windows key + F3 for the Advanced Find in Microsoft Outlook. In the Windows command line, F3 repeats the last command … Read More

Function Keys F2

In Windows Explorer, the F2 key is used to enable renaming of files and folders. Select the file or folder, press F2 and then you can type the new name or use Arrow keys to edit. Press Enter when finished. In Microsoft … Read More

Function Keys F1

The F1 key is used as the help key in almost every program. When pressed, a help screen opens, or you are directed to a web page. Other F1 shortcuts include: Control + F1: shows/hides the Ribbon in Office 365 applications. … Read More

Emojis in Word

To insert an emoji in a Word document, press Windows key + . (full stop) or Windows key + ; (semi-colon). Use the Arrow keys to move around the different emojis or type to search for a specific emoji. Press … Read More

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