Formatting Text in Word Documents

Formatting text means changing its appearance. Many different aspects of the text’s appearance can be changed, such as, the size of the letters, the font (typeface), whether it is in bold type, italicized or underlined. These settings are usually accessed on the Home ribbon with the mouse or by pressing Alt + H and then pressing the Tab key. However, it is pretty cluttered up there and it is difficult to know where and what each setting does.
There are direct shortcuts for Bold, Italic and Underline, which are well known; select the text and press Control + B for bold, Control + I for italics, and Control + U for underline.
But pressing Control + Shift + F for the Font dialogue gives easy access to many more settings. Just Tab through the settings using Arrow keys to choose and Spacebar to check.
Tab to OK and press Enter to apply the new formatting.
Remember to select the text first.

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