Testimonial: Just wanted to say thanks for the website, it’s saving my sanity!

Christina - Dublin

Testimonial: Many thanks for your hard work in making my learning experience so much easier. You tailored a solution that worked well for me. Thanks for being so flexible in finding my optimum learning format. It was well and truly such a positive experience. You always go the extra mile.

Barry - Dublin

I’ve read all your Key Tips and sent on your Website details and link to three e-mail discussion lists that I’m on!… Just in case they’re not aware of this brilliant resource!

Dominique - Dublin

Testimonial: Thank you so very much for all you do. You really help me so much, and I’m sure you help many more.

Greg - Pennsylvania

Testimonial: It is really great to find a sighted person who is so understanding of the needs of screen reader users, and does not bog us down with cumbersome mouse clicks.

Clive - Kent

Testimonial: This site is very blindness friendly. One can easily search a particular topic and learn about that topic without becoming confused and/or disoriented. The content is easy to understand and it is actually fun to learn any topic on this site. I would highly recommend this site to anyone wanting to learn anything on a PC. Thank You!

Pamela - Connecticut

Testimonial: It is so comforting to know that we can call on your for your expert advice and support. Thank you for all your kindness.

Patricia - Dublin

Testimonial: You are a fantastic teacher and honestly one of the most empathetic people I have met since losing my sight. You truly embraced the world of blindness as a sighted person, and have enhanced so many people’s lives as a result.

Tina - Dublin

Testimonial: Thanks Sharon for all of your amazing work and dedication. You create a very accessible and accommodating atmosphere that makes people feel at ease and open to learning. The world needs more teachers like you!!

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Testimonial: Thanks for the update and progress report on (employee) and her Word training . This is great news on her progress and it has been noticed in the work she is doing.

WithTaste Hospitality - Dublin

Testimonial: Since I started to use Sharon’s mailing list and website I have found them very useful. I’m very grateful to Sharon for her efforts to help us.

Anthony - Malta