Sharon’s Shortcuts is an educational resource for people who primarily use keyboard shortcuts to access a computer.

Sharon’s Shortcuts is also a tutoring and courseware development service.

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When you need to learn how to do something on a PC, and you don’t have time to take a course, what do you do? Google it! Head to Youtube! There are plenty of tutorials and step by step instructions for using a PC, but they are mostly mouse-based.

Some PC users do not have the option of using the mouse and so they are left behind when accessing this information. This site gives step by step instructions on using a PC without the mouse, to try and level the playing field a little.

The shortcuts are standard which means that anyone can use them regardless of ability and assistive software. Raising awareness of using a computer without the mouse will also promote more Universal Design in applications and on the Web.

This site is for anyone who loves keyboard shortcuts, whether out of choice or necessity!

Who is Sharon?

I’m passionate about keyboard shortcuts and touch typing. I’m an experienced IT tutor who has been working with people with a vision impairment for over 10 years as part of the NCBI working for People with Sight Loss in Ireland. I recently left employment with the NCBI with a dream to create this site and start up my own tutoring business.

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I believe that everyone should have access to the information they need to improve their IT skills, whichever way they use a PC, and whatever their abilities are.

I have a reputation in my classroom of banning the use of the mouse! This is not strictly true, but I do believe that all PC users can benefit from using shortcuts instead of clicking.

What’s so great about shortcuts?

  • Neater
  • Quicker
  • More in control of the PC.
  • Remembering the shortcuts is good exercise for the brain.

Couple this with touch typing (typing without looking at the keyboard):

  • Even faster!
  • Better for your posture, wrists and fingers
  • Frees you up to focus on the screen and the task at hand.
  • Mastering muscle memory is also good exercise for the brain.

Become a power user!

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Sharon’s Shortcuts was born out of the monthly NCBI Technology Podcast. Sharon’s Shortcuts is a short slot on this podcast (about 20 minutes long) which covers different aspects of using a computer with keyboard shortcuts, instead of the mouse. This lends itself well to people with a vision impairment, who use screen readers to access a PC because the mouse is usually too visual to operate effectively.

The Website came about partly due to listeners to the podcast requesting that the Sharon’s Shortcuts be made available accompanied by a list of shortcuts for each episode. This can be found on the Pocket Podcast page of this Website.

Find out more about the NCBI Technology Podcast here.


Any comments and/or suggestions are most welcome. Please email me on, or use the Contact page on this Website.

Many thanks,

Sharon Lyons