Copy, Cut and Paste Selected Text in Word

The keyboard shortcuts that pretty much everyone knows are Control + C, Control + X and Control + V. Use these in conjunction with the selecting shortcuts from last week, and you become a master editor and can save yourself a lot of typing!
Select the text and press Control + C, to copy (used for duplicating text).
Select the text and press Control + X, to cut (used for moving text).
To paste text, go to the new place and press Control + V.
“The new place” could be anywhere, another page, another document, an email, a spreadsheet…etc. These shortcuts are universal.
In Windows 10 and 11, you can access the Clipboard History by pressing Windows key + V.
This will give you a list of things that have been copied recently. Arrow through them and paste them again by pressing Enter. The Clipboard History can also sync across devices with a Microsoft account.
The clipboard clears when you reboot, but you can pin items to it if you want to keep them there. Pick the one you want to keep, Tab to More Button and press Enter, then choose Pin.

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