Opening a Document in Microsoft Word

To open an existing document, open the Word app and press Control + O. Find the file through the Open dialogue and press Enter.
To find a file in an Open dialogue, press Shift + Tab twice and hunt around the files and folders with the Arrow keys, using Enter to open folders and Backspace to go up a level.
Or a quicker way to open a Word document is to press Windows + E for File Explorer, find the file (using the hunting method above) and press Enter.
Or use the Recent list; open the Word app, press Alt + F for the File Menu, and then Tab to the Recent list and press Enter on the latest file, or Arrow Down to find another recently opened file. Press Enter on the one you want.
Or, if you know the name of the document, press Windows key for the Start Menu and start typing all or part of the filename. Press Enter if the file is found or Arrow Down to go through search results, pressing Enter on the one you want.

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