In Outlook, the Calendar is a separate part of the application to the email folders (Mail).

To open the Calendar:

  1. Press Control + Y.
  2. Arrow down to Calendar, or press C.
  3. Press Enter.

To return to Mail:

  1. Press Control + Y.
  2. Arrow up to Inbox or press I.
  3. Press Enter.

You can also go back to the Inbox at any time in Outlook, by pressing Control + Shift + I.

Checking your Schedule

The Calendar can be viewed in different ways: Day view, Work week view, Week view, Month view. The Day view is one of the easiest views to use and it is the default view.

You are usually placed on the current day.

Arrow to the right to move one day forward.

Arrow to the left to move one day back.

You can also move to a specific day by pressing Control + G and entering the date.

Once you are on the relevant day, use the Tab key to move between any existing appointments on that day.

New Appointments and Meetings

The difference between an appointment and a meeting is that an appointment just involves the owner of the Calendar (yourself), whereas a meeting has additional people added as attendees.

To create a new appointment/meeting:

  1. Go to the Calendar by pressing Control + Y, then C and Enter.
  2. Move to the relevant day.
  3. Press Control + N.
  4. Type in a title for the meeting and press Tab.
  5. Type in a location, if relevant, and press Tab.
  6. Check the start date and press Tab. Date format is dd/mm/yyyy.
  7. Type in the start time and press Tab. Time format is hh:mm and uses 24 hour clock.
  8. Type in the end date, if different to the start date, and press Tab.
  9. Type in the end time.
  10. Press Tab for the all day event box. If relevant, check this box by pressing the Spacebar.
  11. Press Tab and add in any additional notes about this appointment.
  12. To make the appointment into a meeting, press Alt + H, then press I to Invite attendees. Type in the email addresses of the attendees in the same way as completing the To field in an email message.
  13. Press Alt + S to save and close the appointment/meeting. This will also send the invites for the meeting if attendees were invited in step 12.

You can also use the following shortcuts for a new appointment or a new meeting:

To create an appointment, press Control + Shift + A.

To create a meeting, press Control + Shift + Q.

Responding to Invitations

Invitations to meetings appear as a message in your Inbox from the meeting organiser.

To respond to an invitation:

  1. Select the invitation message in your Inbox.
  2. Press the Applications Key, or Shift + F10.
  3. Arrow down to Accept and press Enter.
  4. Press Enter again to send an accept message to the organiser.


An appointment/meeting in your calendar will automatically trigger a reminder 15 minutes before the event.

When the reminder appears, press Alt + D to Dismiss.

To snooze the reminder, press Alt + S, and it will remind you again in 5 minutes.

To change the snooze time, Tab to the Snooze box and arrow down to a different snooze time. Then Tab to the Snooze button and press Enter.