When creating an email, the first piece of information you enter is the email address(es) of the recipient of the message. This is the To field, which usually contains the addresses of the main recipients. Several email addresses can be placed in this field, separated by a semi-colon.

When you press Tab, there is a Cc (Carbon Copy) field. This is where you can add email addresses of recipients who may be indirectly affected by the message and need to be aware that an email has been sent. This field is useful to add recipients who need to be kept “in the loop”.

There is also a Bcc (Blind Carbon Copy) field. Bcc is used if you need to send an email to a number of people but you don’t want their email addresses to be visible in the message. Each person receives the message, but they cannot read the list of other email addresses to whom the message has been sent. Bcc is useful when an email has to go out to a large number of people and it is important to respect the privacy of the recipients.

The Bcc field is not always available in a new email message and you need to go into the settings to display this field. To do this, press Alt + P for the Options ribbon, and press B for Bcc. The Bcc field is after the Cc field and before the Subject field in an email message. Press Tab and Shift + Tab to locate these fields.

As with the To field, several email addresses can be placed in the Cc and Bcc fields, separated by semi-colons.