Most emails are short, discrete messages. But sometimes, there may be longer messages that you may want to spend some time putting together. These emails may take a couple of days to complete. In this case, you can save the email that you are working on.

As already discussed in Outlook Email Basics, there is an email folder called Drafts. This is where saved emails are stored.

To save an email that you are working on, press Control + S. The email is then stored in the Drafts folder.

The Drafts folder can be accessed by pressing Control + Y for the folder list. Then press D for Drafts and press Enter to open the folder.

Arrow down to your saved email and press Enter to open it and continue editing from where you left off.

The draft email will remain in the Drafts folder and you can keep adding to it and saving it.

When the email is ready to send, press Alt + S. The email is removed from the Drafts folder and a copy is stored in your Sent Items folder.