When you open your email program, you are placed in the Inbox. This is a list of your incoming email messages, usually with the most recent at the top of the list.

To read a message in the Inbox, just use the up and down arrows to get to the message and press Enter to open it.

To check for new messages, press Control + M or F5. This checks if there are any new messages to retrieve from the email provider’s server and places them in the Inbox. It will also check if there are any messages waiting to be sent.

Email Folders

Generally you have five folders in your email software. To access the folders, press Control + Y and arrow down to the folder you require. Press Enter to open that folder. The main folders are:

  • Inbox stores all your incoming messages. The number beside Inbox indicates the number of unread messages.
  • Outbox stores outgoing messages just before they are sent.
  • Sent Items folder stores copies of all your outgoing messages after they are sent.
  • Deleted Items stores all your deleted messages.
  • Drafts folder is where you can save messages before sending them.

To go back to the Inbox at any point, press Control + Shift + I.

Reading Email Messages

When you are in a folder, like the Inbox, you can use the up and down arrow keys to move between your messages.

When you find the message you want to read, press Enter to open that message and it will open in a new window.

To close the message, press Escape. This will take you back to the folder of messages that you were in (usually the Inbox).

You can have several messages open at the same time and switch between them and the Inbox using Alt + Tab.

Follow this link to learn more about managing multiple open windows.

Deleting an Email

You can easily delete an email message by selecting it and pressing the Delete key or Control + D. This action sends the email message to the Deleted Items folder.

If you want to permanently delete an email message, you must delete it from the Deleted Items folder, in the same way. This time, there is an “Are you sure” dialogue, so just press Enter on the Yes button to confirm permanent deletion.

Sending an Email message

Press Control + N to create a new email message.

Once you have your new email message window, use the Tab and Shift + Tab to move between the different fields, and type in the information you want.

The main fields are:

  • To, where you type in the email address of the recipient.
  • Cc, where you can copy another person on the message.
  • Subject, where you type in the title of the email.
  • The main text field, where you type in what you want to say in the message.

When you have finished typing all the information, press Alt + S to send a message.

Once the message is sent, a copy of the message will automatically be recorded in the Sent Items folder, so you can check the messages that you have sent.