You may want to print out an email to have a hard copy of the message.

To print an email:

  1. Open the email to be printed.
  2. Press Control + P for the Print dialogue.
  3. Tab to the Print button and press Enter to print the entire email.

However, bear in mind that it is difficult to know how many pages will print from one email. Especially if there has been several replies and/or there is company information automatically added to the end of email messages. To overcome this issue, you can choose to just print the first page of the email in order to only print the information you need.

To choose the pages to print:

  1. Press Control + P for the Print dialogue.
  2. Tab to Print Options and press Enter.
  3. Tab to the Page Range edit box and type 1 to print just the first page.
  4. Press Enter to print.