International Characters in Word

In Ireland, typing in the Irish Gaelic language involves use of the “fada” on vowels (also known as an acute accent). To get this accent, we usually hold down the Alt Gr key and press the required vowel (resulting in á, é, í, ó or ú). You can also press Control + Apostrophe (‘), release and then press the required vowel.
But what about other international characters? If you need to type in various languages, you can use shortcuts to insert the correct characters.
For example:

  • For grave accents (à, è, ì, ò, ù), press Control + Grave (`), release and press the required letter.
  • For tilde accents (ã, ñ, õ), press Control + Shift + Tilde (~), release and press the required letter.
  • For the cedilla (ç), press Control + Comma (,), release and press letter c.
  • For the inverted question mark (¿), or inverted exclamation mark (¡), press Control + Alt + Shift + Question Mark (?) or Exclamation Mark (!).

Follow this link for more Keyboard Shortcuts for International Characters

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