Sometimes you may forget where you saved a document. But there is a search facility on the computer that can help.

To search for a file by name, you need to know all or part of the name of the file that you are looking for. This is why it is important to give files a meaningful name when you save them.

You can also search for a file based on its type, its size, when it was modified, created or the last time it was accessed.

There is a quick search facility that is immediately available when you press the Windows key. The Start Menu opens and you can start typing straight away. Enter in all or part of the filename that you are looking for and press Enter. You can then arrow down through the results.

For a more advanced search, first press Windows + E for File Explorer and go to the top level of your files (eg Data D:), or go to the particular folder where you think the file might be. Then press F3 for the advanced search box.

Here you can type in all or part of the filename and press Enter to search. Or you can use a search filter.

Different search filters include:

  • Kind: This will give a list of different kinds of files.

  • Size: This will give a list of size ranges.

  • Date Modified: This will give a calendar where you can Arrow to the date.

Type in the search filter name in the advanced search box, followed by a colon. Then arrow down to choose the details of the filter.

Once you have completed your search filter, you can press the Spacebar and type all or part of the filename as well. The search will go ahead instantly in the background. Tab to the list box that contains the results and use the arrow keys to find the file you want.

Once you have found your file, you may find it useful to find out where it was stored for future reference.

Press the Applications key (or Shift + F10), arrow down to Open File Location and press Enter.

Press F4 to get the full path of the file location.