External storage devices, such as memory sticks and portable hard drives, can be plugged into a USB slot, and the computer will automatically detect, install and give access to the Removable Disk (as Windows calls it). The contents of the Removable Disk will be displayed, or an option to Open Folder to View Files will be available.

Care should be taken when disconnecting an external storage device to ensure that the files do not get corrupted. It needs to be removed safely as follows:

  1. Close any window that refers to the device (File Explorer) by focusing on the window and pressing Alt + F4.
  2. Press Windows key + B for the System Tray.
  3. Arrow right or down to the Safely Remove Hardware option and press Enter.
  4. Arrow down to the name of the device and press Enter.

A message will be displayed stating that it is safe to remove the hardware and the device can be unplugged.