Receiving Attachments Method 1

If you receive an attachment, there are a couple of different ways of viewing/saving it. This is method 1… Open the email message and press Shift + Tab once. Then arrow to the right and left to access any attachments. … Read More

Sending Attachments

The easiest way to attach a file to an email message is: Create your email message, and position on the main body of the message. Go find the file on your PC, select it and press Control + C to … Read More

Draft Email Messages

When you want to spend some time putting an email message together, you can save the email that you are working on. To save a draft email message in Outlook, press Control + S. The email is then stored in … Read More

Saving Email Messages

To save an email message outside of the Outlook program, position on the email message and press F12. This opens a Save As dialogue where you can change the filename, which by default is the email subject. Press Shift + … Read More

Advanced Find in Outlook

Pressing Control + Shift + F opens the Advanced Find dialogue. In here you can specific about details of your search. Type in keywords and/or choose different options available. Press Enter to perform the search and F6 to move to … Read More

Searching for Email Messages

In Outlook, press Control + E or F3 to go to the Search box. Type in a name or keywords. As with all searches, the more you type, the better the results. As you type, the search is performed. Press … Read More

Using the BCC Field

In a new Outlook message: To display the BCC field, press Alt + P for the Options ribbon, and press B for BCC. Press Alt + P then B again to remove the BCC field.

Viewing and Using the Address Book

From the Outlook Inbox, open your address book and view and edit contacts by pressing Control + Shift + B. In a new message, press Control + Shift + B to add contacts from the address book into the To field.

Adding Contacts from Email Messages

To add an email address to your Contacts from an email that you have received: Open the email message from the contact that you want to add to your address book. Press Shift + Tab until you get to the … Read More

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