Windows Speech Recognition

To switch on/off Speech Recognition, press Windows key + Control + S. If it is the first time you have used the feature, it will get you to set up your microphone and start learning your voice. I would always … Read More

Mouse Keys

Mouse keys lets you use the Number Pad on your keyboard to move the pointer around the screen and activate a mouse click. This is another shortcut that is activated with the Num Lock key, which is found on the … Read More

Filter Keys

Filter Keys is a feature that will ignore brief and repeated keystrokes that may be caused by slow or inaccurate finger movements. The sensitivity of the keyboard can be a problem, especially if you strike keys accidentally. Also, most keyboards allow … Read More

Toggle Keys

Toggle Keys is a feature that will play a sound when you activate Caps Lock, Num Lock or Scroll Lock. You can only activate this feature if you have a Num Lock key, which is found on the Number Pad. … Read More

Sticky Keys

The Sticky Keys feature lets you use the Shift, Control, Alt or Windows key by pressing one key at a time. To enable Sticky Keys, press the Shift key five times. Then press Enter to activate Sticky Keys. As you … Read More

On Screen Keyboard

To enable/disable the On Screen Keyboard, press Windows key + Control + O. This is a visual version of the keyboard displayed on the screen that can be operated with the mouse. This can be useful if some keys on … Read More

Colour Filters

Colour Filters are designed to make it easier for people with colour blindness to differentiate between colours like red and green, and to make it more comfortable for people with light sensitivity to use their PC. There are several choices: … Read More

High Contrast

High Contrast feature reverses the colour settings, so that text is white on a black background. To switch on High Contrast, press Alt + Left Shift + Print Screen. Then press Enter to confirm. To switch off High Contrast, press … Read More

Ease of Access Settings

Press Windows key + U to open the Ease of Access settings. If you have vision, hearing and/or interaction difficulties when using a PC, there are many options here to help you.

Windows Magnifier

To switch on Windows Magnifier, press Windows + Plus sign. The Plus sign is actually on the Equals key, next to the Backspace key. But no need to press Shift key. To zoom in, press Windows + Plus sign again. … Read More

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