Add an Outlook Contact

To create your own contacts in Outlook, press Control + Shift + C. Tab through the fields and complete the details. When finished, press Alt + S to save and close.

Check Names

In Outlook: Use Control + K to check names in the To field. Start entering a name, then press Control + K to find the person’s full email address from your address book.

Mark as Read/Unread

To mark an email message as unread, position on the message and press Control + U. You can mark it as read by opening it again or by pressing Control + Enter. Please note: if you have the Reading Pane displayed in … Read More

Forwarding Emails

To forward an email, position on the email in the Inbox, or open the email, and press Control + F. A new email is created with a copy of the original message, and first you type in the email address … Read More

Reply and Reply All

To reply to an email that you have received, position on the email in the Inbox, or open the email, and press Control + R. If you want to reply to all the recipients of an email, press Control + … Read More

Deleting Email Folders

First, go to the folder that you want to delete using Control + Y. There is no direct shortcut for deleting a folder so we will need to access the Ribbons. Alt + O takes us to the Folder Ribbon, … Read More

Moving Email Messages

In Outlook, first position on the message you want to move. Then press Control + Shift + V, arrow to the destination folder, and press Enter.

Creating Email Folders

To create a new email folder, press Control + Shift + E. Type in the name for the new folder and press Enter. The new folder appears in the folder list.

Switching Between Email Folders

In Outlook, press Control + Y to get to a list of folders and then arrow down to find the folder that you want and press Enter.

Deleting Emails

In Outlook, to delete a message, position on the message and press the Delete key, or Control + D. This sends the message to the Deleted Items folder. To permanently delete a message, bypassing the Deleted Items folder, position on … Read More

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