Windows Narrator

Narrator is a screen reading application that runs on a standard PC which reads out what is displayed on the screen. It enables access to a PC for people with very little sight. To start Narrator, press Windows key + Control … Read More

Display the Calendar

To display the calendar, press Windows key + Alt + D for Date. To close the calendar, press this shortcut again or press Escape.

Access Clipboard History

When you copy some text or an image using Control + C, it goes onto the Windows clipboard. In Windows 10, the clipboard remembers up to 24 items that have been copied recently. As you may know, you can press … Read More

Declutter your Desktop

If you have a lot of applications open on your PC and you just want to focus on one, press Windows key + Home. This will minimise all applications to the Taskbar, except the one you are working on.


On a PC, Control + Alt + Delete is used for various reset tasks. On some PCs, this shortcut is used at start up in order to log on to the machine. If you are already logged on, Control + … Read More

File Properties

When you select a file or folder, you can get more information by looking into the properties. Press Alt + Enter to display the Properties; including type of file, application setting, size, location, last modified date etc. If you use … Read More

Searching for Files and Folders

If you cannot find a file or folder, you can search for it: In File Explorer, press F3 or Control + E to go to the Search box. Start typing in the name of the file or folder and the list will automatically update … Read More

Viewing the File Path

In File Explorer, pressing F4 will take you to the full path of your current location. Here you can find out where you are in the file structure and back track if needed.

Moving and Copying Files

To move a file, position on the file and press Control + X to cut. Then go to your new folder and press Control + V to paste. When a file is moved, the original is removed from its old … Read More

Creating Folders

To create a new folder, first open File Explorer (Windows + E). Go to where you would like to create your new folder. Press Control + Shift + N for November. A new folder appears and you can type in … Read More

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