Windows Dictation Tool

To use the Windows Dictation Tool, press Windows key + H.
To stop dictation, say “Stop Dictation” or press Escape.
I would always recommend using a headset when using speech recognition (especially if you also use a screen reader).
The Windows Dictation tool works anywhere on the PC where you need to type in text, including any search box.
However, you need some settings in place to use the Windows Dictation tool:

  • It uses cloud-based speech recognition, so you need to be online. And you need to set permissions to use this feature, press Windows key + I to go to settings and search for speech privacy settings.
  • It only works with certain languages, so you may need to switch. For example, it does not work with English (Ireland), but does work with English (UK). Follow this link to learn more about language settings.

You will need to verify everything that you dictate. And there is a set of commands to learn, same as learning a set of keyboard shortcuts.
Follow this link for more info on using Windows 10 Dictation Tool.

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