How to listen online to the NCBI Technology Podcast

This pocket podcast explains how to access the NCBI Technology Podcast and how to use the online Audio Widget with a Screen Reader. Beneath the Audio Widget on this page is a list of keyboard shortcuts mentioned in this pocket podcast. The keyboard shortcuts are divided into two sections: one for general keyboard shortcuts and one for shortcuts specific to Screen Reader users.

This pocket podcast is 17 minutes and 10 seconds in length.

General Keyboard Shortcuts

Windows Key: Opens the Start menu and Search feature, type in required program and press Enter to open.

Alt + D: Gives access to the Address Bar in a Web Browser.

Arrow Left (while playing audio): Rewind about 3 minutes.

Arrow Right (while playing audio): Fast Forward about 3 minutes.

Arrow Up (while playing audio): Volume Up.

Arrow Down (while playing audio): Volume Down.

Screen Reader Keyboard Shortcuts

Control: Stops the Screen Reader from speaking.

H: Move to the next Heading on a Web page.

Enter: Follow a link on a Web page.

B: Move to the next Button on a Web page.

Enter (on Play Button): Play/Pause the Audio.