Using Google Drive

This pocket podcast is all about using Google Drive ( Beneath the Audio Widget on this page is a list of keyboard shortcuts mentioned in this pocket podcast.

This pocket podcast is about 22 minutes and 31 seconds long.

General Keyboard Shortcuts

These shortcuts work with Google Drive whether on a PC or Chromebook.

Open Google Drive: Go to

Move through a list of files and folders or on a menu: Arrow up and down.

Open a file: Enter.

Move to navigation: G N.

Move to list of files and folders: G L.

Delete a file or folder: Delete key (moves to the Bin).

Create a new file or folder: Create menu.

Chromebook Shortcuts

Note: the ChromeVox key is the Search key on a Chromebook keyboard (in the same place as Caps Lock on a standard keyboard).

Switch on ChromeVox voice: Control + Alt + Z.

Change the ChromeVox voice: ChromeVox + O twice, Tab to Chrome OS UK English and use arrow keys to change voice.

Change the ChromeVox keyboard echo: ChromeVox key + A + T.

Open Chromebook Launcher: Alt + Shift + L.

F1 to F10 keys: Chromevox key + 1, 2, 3 to 0.

F11: Chromevox key + Minus key.

F12: Chromevox key + Plus key.

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