Using Google Calendar

This pocket podcast is all about using Google Calendar ( Beneath the Audio Widget on this page is a list of keyboard shortcuts mentioned in this pocket podcast.

This pocket podcast is 22 minutes and 36 seconds long.

General Keyboard Shortcuts

These shortcuts work with Google Calendar whether on a PC or Chromebook.

Open Address Bar in Web Browser: Alt + D.

Open Google Calendar: Go to

Open Google Calendar Settings: S.

Set to Agenda View: A.

Set to Day View: D.

Set to Week View: W.

Set to Month View: M.

Move through events: Arrow up and down.

Go to next time period: N.

Go to previous time period: P.

Go to today: T.

Search calendar: / (forward slash).

Create an event: C.

Save changes to an event: Control + S.

Quick add: Q.

Screen Reader Shortcuts

Switch off JAWS Virtual Cursor: Insert + Z + Z.

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