Once you have prepared your spreadsheet, you may want to print it. The computer must be connected to a printer, and there must be paper in the printer to proceed. Also make sure the printer is switched on!

To print a document, press Control + P. This will bring you to a print preview and settings page. Here you can change the number of copies, the printer, the printer settings, which pages to print etc. On the right hand side of the screen is a visual preview of what the finished print will look like.

If you do not want to change any of the settings, just press Enter to print.

Number of Copies

To change the number of copies, press Control + P and Tab to the Copies box. Type in the number or arrow up and down to get the number of copies required. Then Shift + Tab back to the Print button and press Enter to print.

Choosing a Printer

The default printer is used when you go to print a document. A stand-alone or home computer will usually have a single printer connected directly to it.

In an office situation, there are many computers connected on a network and there may also be several printers in different locations.

To select the printer, press Control + P to print and then Tab to the Which Printer? list. Arrow down to the correct printer and press Enter. Then Shift + Tab back to the Print button and press Enter.

Printing Part of a Spreadsheet

You may want to print a whole spreadsheet with all its worksheets. Or you may want to print only a selected number of cells. These options are in the Print What? combo box in printer options.

Press Control + P to print and Tab to the Print What? combo box. The choices are: Print Active Sheets, Print Entire Workbook or Print Selection. Arrow down to the relevant choice and press Enter. Then press Shift + Tab to get back to the Print Button and press Enter.