This page contains links to the Sharon’s Shortcuts slots from the monthly NCBI Technology Podcast.

Each link will take you to a page with an accessible media widget that can be used to play the pocket podcast, and a handy list of shortcuts that are mentioned in the pocket podcast.

Please note that some of the keyboard shortcuts on these pocket podcasts are not standard Windows shortcuts and are specific to screen reading software. But this will be indicated where appropriate.

Instructions on Using the Accessible Audio Widget

If you are using a Screen Reader, Tab to the Audio Player Play Button. Press Enter on the Play Button to start playing the audio. Press Enter again to pause the audio.

Shortcuts to use while playing the audio:

  • Arrow Left to Rewind about 1 minute.
  • Arrow Right to Fast Forward about 1 minute.
  • Arrow Up to turn the volume up.
  • Arrow Down to turn the volume down.