To open Word, press the Windows key and type Word, then press Enter.

Alternatively, you may use a shortcut on the desktop. In this case, press Windows key + D, then press W for Word (or the first letter of your desktop shortcut to the Word software). Once the Word icon is selected, press Enter.

Follow this link to learn how to create Desktop shortcuts.

Alternatively, you can open a document that has been saved on your computer, and this will automatically open the Word application and display the document.

When you start working in Word, the screen displays what appears to be a blank piece of paper with a blinking black vertical bar in the top left corner. This screen is called the document window and it is where you enter and manage your text. The black bar is called the cursor and it indicates where you are in the document.

When you are working on more than one document, Word opens each document in a separate window. The document you are working on is in focus – also known as the active window. Although several documents can be open at once, only one is in focus and visible at any one time.

Follow this link to learn how to manage multiple windows.

Creating and Opening Documents

To create a new, blank document in Word:

  1. Press Alt + F.
  2. Arrow down to New and press Enter twice.
  3. Alternatively, press Control + N.

To open an existing document:

  1. Press Alt + F, then Arrow down to Open and press Enter. Alternatively, press Control + O.
  2. The Open dialog box appears.
  3. Press Shift + Tab until you get to the list of files, then navigate through the files and folders to find the required document.
  4. Once the document is selected in the list, press Enter to open.

Follow this link to learn about navigating through files and folders.

Closing Documents

To close a document, press Alt + F4. A message may be displayed asking if you want to save the document.

If you do not want to save what you have typed, press N for Don’t Save.

If you do want to save what you have typed, press S for Save and you will then be asked for a filename etc.

Follow this link to learn about saving files.

Press Escape to cancel the message and go back to the document.