Copying and moving text around a document can save a lot of time. Before you can copy or move text, you must select it first.

Selecting Text

To select text, position the cursor at the beginning of the text, hold down the Shift key, and arrow to the end of the text.

To unselect text, just use the arrow keys to move away from the selection.

To select all the text in a document, press Control + A.

Once the text is selected, you can copy it, move it or apply some formatting to it.

Follow this link to learn more about formatting text

Moving Text

You can move text around a document by cutting it from one place and pasting it into another. This saves time as you don’t have to retype the text into its new position.

First select the text you want to move and then press Control + X.

Copying Text

While cutting removes text, copying makes a copy of the text without removing it.

First select the text you want to copy and then press Control + C.

Pasting Text

When you cut or copy text, it is placed on the Clipboard. This is an area of the computer’s memory where items are stored temporarily. Cut or copied text is available to you until you cut or copy something else.

Once you have cut or copied some text, you can then move to the new position in the document and paste (insert) the text by pressing Control + V.

You can paste the same text several times without having to copy it again.

If you want to insert a previous item that was cut or copied, you can access the Clipboard by pressing Alt + H, then press the letters F then O. Then you can Tab down your cut/copy items and choose which one you would like to paste again.

Pasting Options

Sometimes, when pasting from one file to another file, the formatting of the text may be quite different. This can cause inconstitencies in the display of the text. Worse case scenarios can result in difficulties reading the information.

When you have pasted the text (after pressing Control + V), press the Control key on its own. This will give a choice of pasting options. Use the Left and Right arrow keys to choose the pasting option and press Enter. One of these options is Keep Text Only. This ensures that the pasted text will pick up the main formatting of the destination file, ensuring consistency in the display of the information.

These pasting options are available in documents, spreadsheets and emails.