Youtube with Jaws

This pocket podcast explains how to access Youtube using the Jaws screen reading software. Beneath the Audio Widget on this page is a list of keyboard shortcuts mentioned in this pocket podcast. The keyboard shortcuts are divided into two sections: one for general keyboard shortcuts and one for shortcuts specific to Screen Reader users.

This pocket podcast is 20 minutes and 43 seconds in length.

General Keyboard Shortcuts

Windows Key: Opens the Start menu and Search feature, type in required program and press Enter to open.

Alt + D: Gives access to the Address Bar in a Web Browser.

Alt + Left Arrow (or Backspace): Go back to the previous Web page.

Control + A: Select all (while in a Search box).

Screen Reader Keyboard Shortcuts

Control: Stops the Screen Reader from speaking.

H: Move to the next Heading on a Web page.

Enter: Follow a link on a Web page.

E: Move to the next Edit box on a Web page.

Enter (on an Edit box): Switch Forms Mode on (in order to type in search terms).

Escape: Switch Forms Mode off.

Forms Mode enables the screen reader user to complete a Web page form such as a search box. If the screen reading software is set to enter Forms Mode automatically, an audible noise will indicate this and therefore, the user does not need to press Enter.

B: Move to the next Button on a Web page.

Insert + Z: Switches the Virtual Cursor off and on (disables quick navigation keys but gives direct control of Youtube player).

Insert + 3: Switches the Virtual Cursor off but only for the next keystroke.

J (while Virtual Cursor is off): Rewind in the current Youtube video.

K (while Virtual Cursor is off): Play/Pause.

L (while Virtual Cursor is off): Fast forward in current Youtube video.