Windows Key Shortcuts in Windows 10 – Part 1

This pocket podcast goes through the shortcuts that use the Windows Key, from A to L. Beneath the Audio Widget on this page is a list of keyboard shortcuts mentioned in this pocket podcast. All the shortcuts mentioned in this pocket podcast are standard and can be used with or without screen reading software.

This pocket podcast is 23 minutes and 24 seconds in length.

Keyboard Shortcuts

Windows Key: Open the Start Menu.

Windows + A: Open the Action Centre.

Windows + B: Focus on notification Area (System Tray).

Windows + Shift + C: Cortana (Voice Recognition).

Windows + D: Focus on the Desktop.

Windows + E: Open File Explorer.

Windows + F: Open Feedback Hub.

Windows + G: Open Game Bar.

Windows + H: Open Share Charm.

Windows + I: Open Settings.

Windows + J: Focus on current Windows Tip.

Windows + K: Open Quick Connect.

Windows + L: Lock the PC.