Using Skype

This pocket podcast is all about using Skype without the Mouse. Beneath the Audio Widget on this page is a list of keyboard shortcuts mentioned in this pocket podcast.

This pocket podcast is 25 minutes and 44 seconds in length.

Keyboard Shortcuts

All the keyboard shortcuts this month are universal, but make sure to switch them on in the Skype options.

Alt + 1: Move to Contact List.

Alt + C: Contacts Menu for adding Contacts.

Applications key (or Shift + F10): Use on Contacts List to get list of contact options.

Control + , (comma): Open Skype Options (Arrow through Categories, Tab through Settings, Spacebar to check/uncheck boxes).

Alt + Page Up: Answer a call.

Control + Alt + Page Up: Answer a call with video.

Alt + Page Down: Hang up.

Control + Alt + Page Down: Decline call.

Control + M: Mute.

Control + Q: Make a call.

Control + Shift + R: Make a video call.