Zoom In During a Powerpoint Slideshow

Powerpoint is the presentation application of the Microsoft Office suite.
We are using the latest Office 365 version of Powerpoint.
A Powerpoint presentation is usually viewed as a slideshow, which guides us on a specific path through the information presented.
During a Powerpoint Slideshow, you may need to zoom in on a slide to show more detail, especially if you have people in your audience with low vision.
Press + (Equals key) to zoom in, and use Arrow keys to move around.
Press Escape to go back to show the full slide on screen.
Note: If you use a screen reader, it will not indicate that you are zoomed in, but it will work. If you use JAWS, you may need press Insert (or Caps Lock) + Z, to switch the “virtual cursor” off, so you can use these shortcuts. At time of testing, NVDA would not allow us to arrow around the slide once zoomed in, it insisted on reading the slide contents instead.

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