You can open several Web pages at the same time within the same window using Web Tabs. They are referred to as Tabs in Web browsers, but they will be named Web Tabs here, so as not to confuse this with the use of the Tab key.

By using Web Tabs, you can have several Web pages open at the same time and then switch between them in the same window.

Opening and Closing Web Tabs

To open a new Web Tab, press Control + T.

To open a link in a new Web Tab, position on the link and then press the Applications key (or Shift + F10). Arrow down to Open Link in New Tab and press Enter.

To duplicate a Web Tab in Internet Explorer or Edge, press Control + K.

To duplicate a Web Tab in Mozilla Firefox or Chrome, press Alt + D then Alt + Enter.

To close a Web Tab, press Control + W.

If you close a Web Tab by accident, press Control + Shift + T to restore it.

Switching Between Open Web Tabs

To switch between Web Tabs in the same window, press Control + Tab.

To switch to the previous Web Tab, press Control + Shift + Tab.

To switch to the first Web Tab, press Control + 1, to switch to the second Web Tab, press Control + 2, etc.

To switch to the last Web Tab, press Control + 9.