The Bookmarks Bar

As well as the list of your Bookmarks in the Chrome menu, you can also access them on the Bookmarks Bar.
This is a toolbar at the top of the Chrome window that displays your bookmarks.
When you create a Bookmark, it is automatically added to this toolbar.
It’s kind of for mouse access, but you can access it by pressing F6 a few times (depending on what other gizmos you have set up in Chrome).
Once you are positioned on the Bookmarks Bar, use the Right and Left Arrows to move through the bookmarks, and Enter to go to a bookmarked Web page.
You can show/hide the Bookmarks Bar by pressing Control + Shift + B.
Microsoft Edge has a Favourites Bar that works in the same way.
Mozilla Firefox has a Bookmarks Bar, but you show/hide it in the View menu, under toolbars.

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