Suggested Replies in Gmail

If you need to just say a quick thanks in reply, there are suggested reply buttons at the bottom of a message in Gmail.
It is called Smart Reply because it bases the suggestions on the content of the email.
For example, if you get an email asking you to check something, the suggested replies will be something like, “Ok, I’ll check”, “Looks good” or “No, I can’t”.
If you choose one of the suggested replies, it will open a new reply message with the suggested text and allow you to add to it. Then you just press Control + Enter to send, as usual.
The suggested replies are clickable buttons at the end of the message. You can Tab to them and press Enter on the one you want. Or, if you use a screen reader, you can use B for Button to access them. Again, press Enter on the one you want to get the new message.
Note: For screen reader uses, the virtual cursor has to be switched off to use B for Button, but you switch it off to read a message anyway, so you should be good to go at that stage.
Microsoft Edge and Mozilla Firefox work the same as Google Chrome for suggested replies in Gmail, but there are some issues when using screen readers with Mozilla Firefox.
Google Chrome is recommended when accessing Google applications, like Gmail.

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