Starting a Slideshow in Powerpoint

Powerpoint is the presentation application of the Microsoft Office suite.
It is a program designed for the production and display of computer text and graphics, usually for presentation to a group.
A Powerpoint presentation is a collections of slides, audience handouts, and speaker’s notes all in one file. Slides are the individual pages of the presentation. Slides can have titles, text, charts, drawn objects and graphics.
A Powerpoint presentation is usually viewed as a slideshow, which guides us on a specific path through the information presented.
So before we look into how to create and edit presentations, we are going to look at how to access a presentation via a slideshow.
Open a Powerpoint presentation and you are brought into the slide view.
To start a slideshow from the first slide, press F5.
Press Escape to come out of a slideshow, back to the slide view.
To continue a slideshow from the current slide, press Shift + F5.
There are many ways to move through the slides, for now, try Spacebar to move forward and Backspace to move back for now, and we will discuss more next week.
Please note that we are using the latest Office 365 version of Powerpoint, but this shortcut will work in pretty much all versions.

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