Standard vs Expanded Chat in Microsoft Teams

You can communicate quickly and easily at any time with your colleagues by using the general Chat feature.
Press Control + N from anywhere in Teams to start a new chat. Start typing in your recipient’s name and press Enter, or choose who you need to contact from the list. Tab to the compose box and type your message. If you want to write more than one paragraph, use Shift + Enter for a new line. Finally, press Enter to send.

Some organisations are looking to replace email with Microsoft Teams, so there is the option of expanded chat which offers an email-like space to type out larger, more formatted messages. In the Chat compose box, press Control + Shift + X to reveal a toolbar with all the available formatting options. Press Shift + Tab twice and use Left and Right Arrows to access the toolbar. In Expanded Chat, you can use Enter for a new line, but to send the message, you need to press Control + Enter.

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