Slash Commands in Microsoft Teams

The shortcut Control + E brings you to the search/command box. Here you can type in search terms. But you can also press / (forward slash) in this box for a list of slash commands. These commands let you update your status, go to a specific channel, show your recent files and saved messages, and more. And the list is being added to all the time.
You can also go straight to the list of slash commands by pressing Control + /, then Arrow Down to the one you want and press Enter. Or type in the command and press Enter.
So, for example, you can press Control + /, then type “busy” to set your status to busy. Or type “files” to get a list of the most recent files that you accessed on Teams/OneDrive.
Or, my favourite, type “keys” to get a list of keyboard shortcuts in teams!
To get out of the commands list, press Escape a couple of times. To get out of the search/command box, use one of the main navigation keys, such as, Control + 1 for Activity, Control + 2 for Chat, etc.

  1. Robbie
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    Sharon, your shortcuts are so clear to follow and always of use for both professionally and personal use. Many thanks, keep it up!

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