Selecting Cells in an Excel Spreadsheet

To manage data on a spreadsheet (copy, move, format etc), you may need to select a number cells first.
To select a single cell, simply move to it in the spreadsheet.
To select several adjacent cells, move to the first cell, hold down the Shift key and Arrow to the last required cell in the selection.
The Shift key with the Arrows is the way to select items and text in many applications.
To select several non-adjacent cells, it’s a bit trickier: select the first cell or group of cells and press Shift + F8. Then move to the next required cell or group of cells, press Shift + F8 to select one cell, or use the Shift key to select a group of cells, and then press Shift + F8 again to confirm the selection. Move to the next required cell or group of cells, pressing Shift + F8 twice to select and confirm as you go.
To unselect, press Escape and Arrow away from the selection.

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