Right Click Without the Mouse

Using a right-click of the mouse on a PC gives a menu of options based on where you are, usually called a context menu.
For example:

  • A right-click on a selected file gives options to look at properties,¬†create a shortcut for the file, etc.
  • A right-click in Word gives options to go into font or paragraph settings, etc.
  • A right-click in Excel gives options to sort cells or insert rows or columns, etc.

Without the mouse, you can do one of two things to get the context menu:

  1. If your PC has an Applications key, you can press that for the context menu. The Applications key is usually located a couple of keys to the right of the Spacebar. It has a picture on it that looks a bit like a list/menu.
  2. Or press Shift + F10 to get the context menu.

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