Recording Zoom Meetings

You can only record a Zoom meeting if you are the host or the host has given you permission.
To start recording the meeting locally to your PC, press Alt + R, and Zoom will announce that recording has started.
After the meeting has finished, you will be given the option to choose where to save the recording. By default, the recording is saved in the Documents folder, in a folder called Zoom.
You can also record to the cloud. This has to be enabled in your Zoom account and you can control where things are recorded through your web login. Press Alt + C to start recording to the cloud.
When you start recording, all participants will be given a consent message, so that they can agree to the recording of the meeting. If they do not agree, they are given the opportunity to leave the meeting.
Whether recording locally, or to the cloud, you can pause the recording by pressing Alt + P. Press Alt + P again to resume the recording.
You can stop recording by pressing Alt + R or Alt + C (whether it is local or cloud), or by the host ending the meeting (Alt + Q).

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