Rearranging Slides in Powerpoint

Press F6 to go to the Slide Thumbnails area. Pressing F6 cycles around the different parts of the Powerpoint window.
Once you are in the Slide Thumbnails area, use the Up and Down Arrows to find the slide you want to move.
Press Control + Up Arrow to move the slide up in the order.
Press Control + Down Arrow to move the slide down in the order.
Press Control + Shift + Up Arrow to move the slide to the beginning of the presentation.
Press Control + Shift + Down Arrow to move the slide to the end of the presentation.
You can also use the Cut, Copy and Paste shortcuts:
Press Control + X to Cut the slide.
Press Control + C to Copy the slide.
Go to the new place for the slide in the presentation, and press Control + V to Paste.
Then press F6 again to get back to the Slide area and edit your slide.

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