Presenter View in Powerpoint

A Powerpoint presentation is usually viewed as a slideshow, which guides us on a specific path through the information presented.
There is a very useful tool in Powerpoint called Presenter View. Presenter View lets you look at your presentation with your speaker notes on one screen (your laptop, for example), while the audience views the notes-free presentation on a different screen (such as a projector).
In newer versions of Powerpoint, when you are connected to a second display, the Presenter View is shown automatically when you start the slide show.
To start a presentation in Presenter View, even if you have only a single display, press Alt + F5.
There are some direct shortcuts for screen reader users to access different parts of the Presenter View:
To read the next line in the Notes pane, press Alt + A.
To read the previous line in the Notes pane, press Alt + Z.
To read the elapsed time, press Alt + W. The timer starts running as soon as you start the Presenter View.
To read the next step (for example, the next slide, next animation, or end of slide show), press Alt + Q.
You can also move to different sections of the Presenter View by pressing F6, and access items within the sections by pressing Tab. Press Enter on an item to perform the action (for example, zoom in on notes).
Note: Just to clarify, if you are running a presentation by sharing your screen (such as in an online meeting), your audience will see the same screen as you.

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