Organising Bookmarks

Once you are in the Bookmarks manager in Chrome (Control + Shift + O), press Tab once to get to the Organise button. Pressing Enter will give you a few different options like Import and Export.
But what is really useful is that you can create a new folder for your Bookmarks.
Arrow down to Add new folder and press Enter. Type in a name and press Enter.
You can now organise your Bookmarks by arrowing up and down through the Bookmarks list and cutting and pasting them into the new folder (just like moving files or text around).
Press Control + X to cut, then move to the new folder and press Control + V to paste. Remember to open the new folder by pressing Enter, before you paste the Bookmark.
You can also cut and paste Bookmarks to a different position in the list.
And you can press Control + Z to undo, if you make a mistake.
The Favourites Manager in Microsoft Edge (also accessed with Control + Shift + O) works in a similar way, but it is not quite as accessible with the cut and paste shortcuts above, so you may need to use a mouse.
The Bookmarks library in Mozilla Firefox (Control + Shift + B) is a separate dialogue, where you press Alt + O to get to a menu of options (including Add new folder). Once you add the folder, you can cut and paste bookmarks in a similar way to Chrome.

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