Moving Through Slides in a Powerpoint Slideshow

Powerpoint is the presentation application of the Microsoft Office suite.
We are using the latest Office 365 version of Powerpoint, but these shortcuts will work in pretty much all versions.
A Powerpoint presentation is usually viewed as a slideshow, which guides us on a specific path through the information presented.
To start a slideshow, press F5.
To move forward through the slides in a slideshow, press Spacebar, N or Page Down.
To move back through the slides in a slideshow, press Backspace, P or Page Up.
If you do not use a screen reader, you can also use the Arrow keys to move back and forth through the slides.
If you do use a screen reader, the Arrow keys are used to read through the information on a particular slide.
Note: At time of testing, the screen reader Narrator does not facilitate reading of the information on each slide.

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