Mouse Keys

Mouse keys lets you use the Number Pad on your keyboard to move the pointer around the screen and activate a mouse click.
This is another shortcut that is activated with the Num Lock key, which is found on the Number Pad. Most smaller laptops do not have Number Pads. But you can activate it if using a traditional, full keyboard.
To switch Mouse Keys on/off, press Alt + Shift + Num Lock key. Num Lock must be switched on to use Mouse Keys.
The numbers 1 to 4 and 6 to 9 will move the mouse in all different directions. Once you have moved the mouse onto an item, number 5 will activate a click of the mouse. The plus sign will activate a double click.
You can adjust the way Mouse Keys work in the Ease of Access Settings. You may want to speed it up because, by default, it is very slow.
Follow this link to find out more about Mouse Keys settings.

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