Merge and Centre in Excel Spreadsheets

In Excel, you can give your spreadsheet a title, and then centre it across a number of columns so that it is placed over the data that it refers to.
Type in your heading in a cell in the top left above the data. Select the cells on the same row, across to the other side of the data area (to do this, hold down Shift and Arrow Right until you reach the other side). Then press Alt + H for the Home Ribbon, then M for Merge, then Enter. Your title is now centred across the columns.
If you want to unmerge, press Alt + H, then M, then U for Unmerge. Your title will then be back in the original cell but still centred, so press Alt + H, then A for Align, then L for Left, to get it back to how it was. Or you can always use Control + Z to undo!

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