Mark Email Messages as Spam in Gmail

If you subscribed to an email list, and you don’t want to receive emails from them anymore, then there should be an unsubscribe link in the email message. Try this first.
If there is no unsubscribe link, or it doesn’t seem to work, then you can mark the email as Spam.
Bear in mind that this will probably be unusual, because Gmail automatically identifies suspicious emails and marks them as Spam for you. But it is good to have the option to do it yourself.
To mark an email message as Spam, position on the email message and press X to select it.
Then press !.
The email message is moved to your Spam folder.
You can always Undo this straight away by pressing Z.
Also, when you mark an email message as Spam, Google will receive a copy of the email and may analyse it to help protect Gmail users from spam and abuse.
Follow this link to find out more about how Gmail analyses Spam email messages.
Email messages in the Spam folder will be permanently deleted after 30 days in Gmail.
To access the Spam folder, press the Left Arrow to go to the Navigation list, Arrow down to Spam and press Enter.
To mark an email message as Not Spam, select it with X, press Applications key (or Shift + F10), Arrow to Not Spam and press Enter. The email message will return to your Inbox.
Note: If you use a screen reader, you may need to switch the “virtual cursor” off so you can use the snoozing shortcuts. Press Insert (or Caps Lock) + Z in JAWS or Insert (or Caps Lock) + Space in NVDA and Narrator.
Microsoft Edge and Mozilla Firefox work the same as Google Chrome for marking email messages as Spam in Gmail.

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