Lock or Switch

Windows + L will lock your PC screen.
To unlock, press Escape to get back to the login screen and enter your password or PIN (depending on how your PC is set up).
You can also use Windows + L to switch accounts on the login screen.

  1. Dominique

    I was intrigued and wanted to see for myself what the Windows Shortcuts were, before the podcast or e-mail, so I decided to investigate them for myself, starting from A up to Z, but I did them one by one which is not recommended, as all my Website Favourites disappeared, so I’d to memorise them all and put them all back in again and I had to get an NCBI IT Trainer to set me up with a new gmail paswordddddd and do it all on my phone again too. Windows and I must be the default settings, so they reverted back to that. I now know what they are, but unfortunately I found out the hard way , and I certainly won’t be doing that again!