Go To Special in Microsoft Excel

A great way of finding specific things in an Excel spreadsheet is with Go To Special.
Press Control + G for the Go To dialogue box, then press Alt + S for the Go To Special list. In here you can choose to jump to Objects (like images and charts), or jump to cells with notes attached, or jump to a blank cell.
But there is a couple in this list that we really like; Row Differences and Column Differences. This gets Excel to tell you where the data changes. To do this, select the row, column or range of cells. You can add the Shift key to the Control + Arrow keys to quickly select blocks of data down and across rows and columns. Then press Control + G, then Alt + S, and Arrow down the list to Row or Column differences, and press Enter. Excel will analyse the rows/columns and point out where the differences are (based on the first value in each row/column).
Note to screen reader users: At the time of testing, the JAWS screen reader announced the row/column differences much clearer than other screen readers.

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